Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cycling Between Rains - 3/1/10

A day off from rain caused me to take a long lunch to cycle to ponds near Cuesta College. Maggie (she is up to 224 on her big year by car)said there might be Canvasbacks at the ponds. The less than 10 mile cycle took about 30 minutes on Highway 1. Calling Tricolored Blackbirds greeted me as I arrived and two female Canvasback (BIGBY #1) were out on the first pond with other ducks and coots. Swallows flew over the pond. I checked the remaining two ponds, and a weird small duck was in the back pond - a possible abherrant Bufflehead or a hybrid duck, which would not let me get close enough for a good photo so I am posting very enlarged and not very sharp photos. (If you can ID this duck please let me know.) I returned to the first pond and found my first Barn, Cliff and Rough-winged Swallows for my BIGBY. Four new BIGBY birds was good for a ninety minute lunch ride!

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  1. A female Bufflehead with partial albinism on her head may be.
    It is more familliar to me than that of male's.

    Commented from Osaka Japan by Shin's