Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Costly Roadrunner

On Friday, March 26, I decided to lunch-time bike up San Luis Mountain from work. This is a good location for Greater Roadrunner and a fun mountain bike ride. (the mountain is behind my bike in the picture). I went up with two friends. On the way up the mountain (mostly wide trails and fire roads - some of which were deeply rutted) I stopped and looked down and scanned for roadrunner. I did see one far off, on the top of a boulder - Bigby Bird # 219. I decided to go ahead and go all the way to the top, which I did - a steep and tiring climb. Unfortunately, on the way down I was a little casual and hit something in the road and was airborne! The flying was ok, but the sudden stop was not. Two fractured ribs later, I am taking a short break from bicycle birding. I will get back out as soon as I am able. I learned not to relax on a downhill mountain bike ride and not to forget to adequately deflate my tires and soften my shocks for such a trail.


  1. Sorry to hear about your becoming a Greater Road Flyer in your quest for a Greater Road Runner! What a bummer that you broke ribs in the process!
    Since I acquired my panniers (having consulted you about carrying all my birding gear on my two-wheeler) and loading them with my scope, cameras, tripods, etc. I'm visualizing a similar fate. My bike is so top and rear heavy that I've had it fall just walking beside it if I let it lean too far one way. BUT, on the up side ... I have been taking my bike on short birding expeditions around Heritage Ranch instead of taking a motorized vehicle. There has been a learning curve, but it's worth it.
    I hope you have a speedy recovery and are back bicycle/birding soon.

  2. Thanks. You need a handle bar bag for your camera stuff and binos. That would help, and it makes your binos and camera more accessible. You'll get used to the top heavy part.

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