Monday, January 11, 2010

San Luis Obispo Creek

I took a late lunch ride to the San Luis Obispo Waste Water Treatment Plant on Prado Road, which during dry weather may be the main source of water for San Luis Obispo Creek. I saw almost 150 Bonaparte's Gulls at a spreader with a variety of more common birds. I then pedaled over to the Bob Jones Bike Trail which parallels the creek, starting from Ontario Road between San Luis Bay Drive and Avila Beach Drive. It finishes at Avila Beach. I heard a Hutton's Vireo in the first part of the path. In the lower half many Common Goldeneye and Hooded Meregansers were actively feeding - diving with Bufflehead and grebes. The best vantage point was the pedestrian/golf cart bridge over the creek at Avila. These four new BIGBY species moved me over half way toward my yearly goal of 300 species.


  1. Terrific blog, for so many reasons!

  2. Dear Jim,
    You are really seeing some great birds! I really enjoy getting a daily update on what you are seeing and adding to your CARBON FREE BIG YEAR! Summer Tanager, Cassins Kingbird and Sage Thrasher. Man you are really seeing some fine birds. I added three to my total today as a stroong storm front hit and "mixed things up", giving me a total as of 1/12/10 of 136 species.
    I had a question. Do you have an odometer on your bike or do you estimate? Best pishes!
    Keith Hansen

  3. Thanks GGA. I see you're a design person; let me know if you have any suggestions on my blog. Hi Keith. I use google maps for some of the mileage and estimate the rest. I use 2 bikes and don't have an odometer on either. It will be fun to see how we can do in our respective counties for 2010!