Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Big Green Big Year Starts Tomorrow

January first is a few hours away and I am scrambling to get my gear together for a two day walking/bicycle birding trip that starts bright and early in the morning. I am sort of in shape for the trip, my equipment is borderline (the new panniers are "in the mail" and my bike needs some work), and my planning is a little vague, but off I go in the morning for a walk in my area and then a ride north up the coast till the light runs out and I have to camp. Then I turn around on the next day and come back down the coast, trying to hit some spots I didn't hit on the way up. I'd like to find 150 species on January 1, but the daylight is probably too short and the really high tides might hurt my number of shorebird species in the bay, but you never know. I'll post my results on Sunday.

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