Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bicycle Birding Equipment Checklist

___ Comfortable well maintained bicycle, touring bike is good for
multi-day trips with panniers.
___ water - 1-3 bottles, depending on trip
___ well fitted helmet
___ tools - tire tools, compact Allen wrench/screwdriver set, spokes?,
___ 2 tire tubes, liner?
___ patch kit
___ emergency tire boot
___ small high pressure pump with pressure gauge
___ sun glasses or clip ons
___ electrolite drink and powder to make more on longer trips
___ 2-3 times the amount of food you normally eat
___ Wider tires (and wheels?) for use on dirt (I don't take them with
me but change before ride)
___ pannier(s)
___ handlebar bag
___ binoculars
___ checklist, field notebook, field guide?, pen
___ first aid kit including vaseline intensive care for chaping
___ sunblock and chapstick with sunblock
___ bike shorts
___ bike socks and shoes
___ bike jersey
___ bright bike jacket
___ leg warmers (have these or tights for cold rides)
___ Greenish long sleeved shirt (goes over bike clothes for birding)
___ thermal shirt or wicking sweater? (better to bring extra layers than to be cold)
___ handkerchief(s)
___ wipes (for poison oak/ivy, grease, dirt, road rash)
___ money, credit card, driver's license
___ cell phone
___ U Lock
___ key(s)
___ iPod and speakers? (spare batteries)
___ camera? (extra battery and memory card?)
___ scope?
___ tripod?
___ shoes for hiking?
___ hat for hiking?
___ pack to hold pannier for hiking?
___ light weight breathable rain jacket?
___ insect repellant?
___ handlebar light? leg light?
___ leg light or tail light?
___ toilet paper
___ map(s)?
___ camping equipment?
___ light tent
___ sleeping pad and bag
___ toiletries
___ cook gear?
___ spare clothes
___ light food for camping meals
___ mail food to destinations without any available food?
___ reservations for camping or motels
___ hand washing powder for clothes
___ plastic bag for clothes that don't dry
___ zip-lock baggies
___ charger for camera battery and iPod

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  1. Brilliant list Jim. Schwalbe Marathon plus have been great tyres for me over the last two years. Only one puncture! Green Birding is a wonderful way to live.