Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bob Jones Trail and Avila

I took a long lunch today and cycled over to the Bob Jones Trail and then on to the Harford Pier at Port San Luis. The spring migration has been very slow on the coast and I was hoping with the nice weather that this might have changed. The thick riparian corridor along the Bob Jones Trail was noisy with bird song even at 11:30 AM when I got there, but no new BIGBY species were singing as I slowly cycled the public asphalt path. Spring arrivals included Black-headed Grosbeak, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Rough-winged Swallow and Warbling Vireo, but little else that was not a permanent resident. I had about 60 species on this 23 mile ride, but nothing new for the year. There were guillemots, loons and scoters in the harbor. I took photos of a cooperative and very active Barn Swallow on the pier, who seemed oblivious to me as I stood about six feet away snapping pictures. One lingering female Common Goldeneye was all that was left of the wintering ducks on San Luis Obispo Creek, visible from the bike path bridge over the creek. I enjoyed salmon tacos, rice and black beans at Pete's on the pier and pedalled back to work after an enjoyable but unproductive (BIGBY-wise) trip.

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